MARCH SERIES - Building something Good - A series on Parenting

No matter what you’re building, it’s a process. There are critical steps that must be followed to get the results you desire. You can’t build a solid house without a foundation and you can’t raise godly kids without the Word of God. It’s the difference between a house built on the sand and a house built on the rocks - both seem solid until the storm comes. Starting March 12th, we’ll be launching a new series on parenting, Building Something Good. We’re going to roll out the blue prints, study the manual, and discover God’s exact plan for building something good - something solid and eternal - into our kids. Whether you hope to be a parent someday, are in the midst of raising kids, have launched your children already, or simply play a role in the life of a child, this series will bring focus and encourage you as you partner with God to build something good in the next generation.

2 Great locations


    Council Bluffs Campus - Service @ 9:00am

    Looft Hall 2700 College Rd Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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    We have ministry for Birth - 6th grade during 9 am service.

  • Oakland Campus

    Oakland Campus - Service @ 10:30am

    18999 Hwy 59 Oakland, IA 51560

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    We have ministry for Birth - 8th grade during 10:30 am service.