In April 1978, Michael Kalstrup and his young family moved back to Treynor, Iowa, to reassume a Bible study that he had left to someone while attending Bible school. After much prayer, the decision was made to start a church. Starting in one home, then moving to one with more space, the need to search for a location with more space was evident. After time, an old tractor implement building became available one mile south of Oakland, Iowa. Again, with much prayer and counsel, he knew that the time for the church to have a permanent location had finally come. On July 5, 1979, Fellowship of Faith began Sunday services in the building. The church remodeled the existing building holding services during construction. In the 1980's, plans were made for a building to be built north of the existing building to accommodate the growing need for a place for children's ministry and a fellowship hall. The ever-growing crowds made it necessary for yet anther building to meet the growing needs of the church. By September of 2000, work began on the new sanctuary and support facilities. Months later, over 400 people attended a special weekend event to dedicate the new building to the glory of God. Currently in it's thirty seventh year of operation, Fellowship Church continues to thrive as it has from it's very inception. In March of 2015, a second campus was launched, designed to meet the needs of the city of Council Bluffs. Fellowship Church offers ministry to all ages from newborns to adults, such as Kidz Of Faith and Fellowship Youth for teens, to meet the needs of this generation. Under God’s direction, Pastor Mike has created a ministry based on excellence. Together with his pastoral staff and many volunteers who serve, the church continues to reach and build families with the message of Jesus Christ.